WINTEC has Danish exclusive distribution of Stop Logs from the Czech EKO SYSTEM. The system is more than 99% dense and is distinguished by elements that are very lightweight and provide a simple and easy fitting. This means that in vulnerable areas the system can be quickly set up when an alert enters the authorities.

WINTEC has been very successful, among others. Delivered stop logs to Roskilde Inderfjord, as well as trained local citizens in setting up in an emergency. Watch the video below.


Roskilde Inderfjord Vest, Roskilde Municipality: 110 m²
Port of Skagen, Pier 10: 15 m2
Lemvig Harbour, Lemvig municipality: 41 m²
Randbøldal, Vejle Municipality: 7 m²
Jens Kofoed, Roskilde: 1.5 m²
Washer Water, Skive municipality: 1.5 m²
Xylem Water Solutions 6.2 m²
sikring mod oversvømmelse


Czech Republic, Prague: 15,060 m²
Czech Republic, Planá nad Lužnicí: 1,406 m²
Czech Republic, Křešice: 630 m2
Slovakia, Banská Bystrica, Hron River: 165 m²
Austria, Emmersdorf: 556 m²
United States, Nashville: 594 m²
Hungary, Budapest, gas factory: 58 m²
Hungary, Paks, nuclear power plant: 70 m²

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