Lock gates and sluice gates

Lock gates and sluice gates are supplied in all shapes and sizes to suit the circumstances and for both overflow and underflow, with hydraulic or electric spindle driven rack-and-pinion.

Regulation of small to very large volumes of water.


Automatic lock gates with website monitoring, remote control and SMS alarm.

On the website (see example) you can see what the different ports are set to, e.g. whether they are in auto-mode or manual-mode, what operating status they are in, how many adjustments the port has made today and what the current height of the gate is. Common parameters: Here the set point of the water level is shown. You can adjust the water level from zero. (You can only adjust when you are logged in) Tolerance water level: Here you can see if there is a tolerance for when the gates should start regulating.

Water and air data: under water data you can see the current water level in the lake measured in meters, water and air temperature, and when the last measurement was taken.


Henne Mølleå

Henne Mølleå WINTEC has manufactured and installed the lock at Henne Mølleå The floodgate in Henne Mølleå is owned by

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