Stop Logs

WINTEC has the exclusive Danish contract for the mobile flood and storm surge protection system with stop logs from EKO-System.

The system complies with tightness class 1 in accordance with DIN19569-4 and distinguishes itself by its low weight and easy and quick installation. This means that vulnerable areas can be quickly secured when high tide alerts are issued by the authorities.

The system is very versatile and can be adapted to each project.

Our partner has been producing and selling these products for more than 20 years.

WINTEC has delivered stop logs to Roskilde Inderfjord, and trained local citizens in installation and dismantling. Watch the video below.


Our partner has embanked Prague’s inner city for protection with more than 7 km of mobile flood and storm surge protection.

When stop logs are not in use, the bases are not an eye sore on the street scene.

See how stop logs are implemented in Prague and protect the city from storm surges. Stop logs are set up when necessary.

WINTEC has delivered mobile flood and storm surge protection to Roskilde Inderfjord. See the feature on test setup:


Roskilde Inderfjord West, Roskilde Commune: 110 m² – read more!

Klimatorium, Lemvig Habour: 44 m² – read more!

Morsø Commune, Nykøbing North Habour: 28 m²

Skagen Harbour, Pier 10: 15 m2

Lemvig Harbour, Lemvig Commune: 41 m²

Randbøldal, Vejle Commune: 7 m²

Jens Kofoed, Roskilde: 1.5 m²

Skive Vand, Skive Commune: 1.5 m²

Xylem Water Solutions: 6.2 m²


Tjekkiet, Prag: 15,060 m²

Tjekkiet, Planá nad Lužnicí: 1,406 m²

Tjekkiet, Křešice: 630 m2

Slovakiet, Banská Bystrica, Hron floden: 165 m²

Østrig, Emmersdorf: 556 m²

USA, Nashville: 594 m²

Ungarn, Budapest, gasfabrik: 58 m²

Ungarn, Paks, atomkraftværk: 70 m²

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