WINTEC distributes propeller pumps and pump systems of high quality from VENERONI in Italy.

VENERONI is a manufacturer of custom-made propeller pumps. Propel pumps are designed to move large volumes of water at relatively low lifting heights.

WINTEC uses VENERONI’s propeller pumps. They are the most flow-optimised on the market due to their adjustable propeller blades and multi-stage solutions. The pumps are also distinguished by relatively low energy consumption.

The capacity range is from 15 l/s to 2,500 l/s.

We offer pump controls, mounting brackets and discharge pipes, etc., to install VENERONI pumps.

Our prefabricated AquaBlokk pump stations are produced for direct burial. The pumping stations can be used as stand-alone units or as an integral part of a sluice system.

The pumping stations are built in one or more modules, depending on the required capacity. A block fitted with up to three propeller pumps typically has a capacity of 200-2,600 l/sec per pump. For larger capacities, AquaBlokk pump stations can be supplied with screw pumps.

WINTEC is responsible for service and repairs. WINTEC also has the only stock of spare parts for VENERONI propeller pumps in Denmark.

Feel free to contact us for advice on your needs and for a non-binding offer.


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