Two sluices for the dike construction at Jyllinge Nordmark

As part of the climate and flood protection, we have built two double sluice gates for Jyllinge and Roskilde Fjord. These are prefabricated and fully customised double sluice gates of our patented AquaBlokk® system.

The area around Jyllinge and Roskilde Fjord is one of the most talked-about and exposed regions of Denmark in recent years concerning the risk of flooding. There is an urgent need for flood protection.

A schematic diagram is shown here for the lowering of the prefabricated double sluice gates sluices between the sheet piling. See the visualisation of the project here.

The tips of the sluice gates are towards the fjord.

We build two parallel sluice gates according to the so-called Dutch model with double gates that can handle water of 2.20 m above the normal water level. They will be ready for transport in September. The locks are prefabricated and will contribute to climate-proofing and close the fjord when the water level gets too high.

The prefabricated sluice and pump systems are always project-specific, quick to install, easy to connect to monitoring and control installations, as well as easy to put into operation. It’s a place and plug solution that can be up and running in just one week, and the sluice part can also be lifted separately for maintenance and major repairs. All in all, both installation time and project costs are kept down.

We standardise and tailor each solution, so a municipality always knows what it’s getting. You can get the model and the width, height that meet the water level requirements. We also offer a spare parts package, local emergency service, two years operational service, etc.

We anticipate every operational problem in advance, and this has been done in this case. For example, the gate is supplied with power. If it fails, an emergency generator has been incorporated. And if that fails, you can also add manual hand pumps to our system.

On 25 November 2020, the two large sluices for the dike construction at Jyllinge Nordmark arrived, ready for assembly and installation:

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