Flood protection

WINTEC owns several patents of concrete elements, which have integrated different types of locks, pumping stations and grout structures with conveyor belts etc.

All installations are built according to agreed specifications from engineer and builder, as well as local authorities.

This ensures the customer a plant that can operate in even the most challenging conditions.

WINTEC has more than 30 years of experience in construction flood protection and climate adaption systems, thus we know what takes to ensure the plants are designed to operate optimally.

Prefabricated sluice- and pumpingsystems

AQUABLOKK™ penlock systems are made in prefabricated concrete modules. The penlock systems can withhold or regulate large amounts of water. The floodgates are between 6-40 m wide.

The penlock elements are installed with integrated steering, wiring, etc. upon request.

WINTEC has developed AQUABLOKK™ prefabricated pumping stations for loads from 50-20,000 l/sec.  Everything is integrated in 1-3 prefabricated modules and can be installed and assembled within 1-3 days. Electrical switchboard, alarm systems, crane track etc. are all integrated into the modules.

The penlock and pumping systems are built according to predefined water levels from the builder and advisor.


Since 1989 WINTEC has worked with all kinds of pumps, and has a lot of experience in installing these. WINTEC has the sole agency of the well known VENERONI propeller pumps, Landustrie snail pumps and Milanese sludge, sand and fish pumps.