Wintec participates in the first National conference on climate change adaptation. 

Photo by John Cameron on Unsplash
Photo by John Cameron on Unsplash

On a national level, climate adaptation solutions have been on way for a number of years and internationally, Denmark is an innovative pioneering country. But how far have we come? What is the status of the various actions for e.g. purification of rainwater, evaporation, and smart city  climate adaptation? Knowledge sharing, documentation, and getting new products on the market?

The first national conference on climate adaptation maps the status

23 Apr. and 24. October 2019 in Horsens the first national conference to bring together all involved parties, from politicians and researchers to passionate climate geeks. 

The climate challenges need to be addressed

Challenges and options for climate adaptation are across regions, municipalities, NGOS, public organisations and private landowners. 

There have been changes in the planning law and the Coastal Protection Act in recent years-amendments to the river basin are on the agenda. Where does effective climate adaptation provide the most value?

Solutions on the way

Wintec has shown again and again that we are among the leading Danish players in climate adaptation products. Innovative and patented solutions that take into account the surrounding environment, as well as flora and fauna.

It is therefore quite natural for us to participate in the Conference and to contribute to the debate with our experience, gathered over more than 30 years.

See more about the climate conference here



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