New patent pending Sluse system with and without pump station

Wintec'S New prefabricated sluse and pumping system Aquablokk changes current standards within lock systems. The prefabricated system has a wide range of special advantages compared to other conventional systems on the market. A patent has been sought for the solution, developed on the basis of many years of experience with sluse operation. The system is already being demanded by municipalities and consultants both in Denmark and abroad.


In 2016, Wintec's prefabricated sluse system Aquablokk was nominated for the year's novelty at the VandTek fair with the price "watermark".

– That same year, the invention was applied as a patent.


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Easy to set up – fast commissioning

Because the Aquablokk sluse and pumping systems are prefabricated, it is easy to submerge the elements and thus quick and straightforward to mount. It streames the construction time considerably and simplifies the process, which does not involve more stakeholders than is most necessary. The Sluse system with the pumping station is immersed as the standard unit for burial or intercast with existing duct/construction.

Full Flexibility – Easy maintenance

The system is designed so that the lock-off part can be lifted up in connection with service or repairs. If the water planes are changed, the module can also be used to reverse the lock system. This allows you to swap down and reflow. The plant is manufactured to the customer's wishes, goals and requirements, so that the solution in every way becomes optimal and tailored to each project.

Cost-effective – cheaper and better

The Wintecs sluse and pump system gives you a tailor-made solution that is easily immersed and can be quickly used. Not only does it make the construction time short but also keeps the project costs down to an absolute minimum. In addition, Wintec is drifter the system for free for the first 2 years after establishment, which in itself can mean great savings.

Types and Uses

Aquablokk Patent pending Sluse and pumping systems are available as 3 types:

Aquablokk is highly efficient and tailor-tailored to each project. The solution is therefore optimal wherever it is used.

Clear Benefits

All constructions are prefabricated, providing a wide range of advantages:

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