Wintec has manufactured and mounted the new tidal gate at Henne Mølleå.



The tidal gate at Henne Mølleå is owned by Aage V. Jensen Naturfond which also owns the area around Filsø near the town of Varde.

The purpose of the gate is to secure Filsø against the high tide from the North Sea. The salt water kills flora and fauna in the 915 ha lake. The new gate can be operated via the net and replaces the 44 year old and worn-out gate at Porsmosevej.

The gate is constructed with clothing and spuns boards in FSC-certified Azobe wood (Lophira alata) from West Africa. In addition, interlocking piles have been used in FSC-certified Greenheart wood (Chlorocardium Rodiei) from South America. Both species of nature are very resistant to degradation and are usually used in port and harbour constructions. 

You find the gate here