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Our installers have many years of experience with the installation and servicing of both own facilities and other brands.

We offer the following:

  • Service agreements on own facilities/other manufacturers for projects
  • Review of existing installations
  • Service of installations (own/other brands)
  • Renovation of plants (own/other brands)
  • Replacement of parts only by appointment
  • Impartial advice

Many opt out of service appointments, often as it is "too expensive". The consequence is that plants collapse, often at the worst possible time when the plant has to perform optimally.

At Wintec we always offer service agreements in connection with the installation of our own facilities, so there is the possibility to see what annual costs are for operation and ongoing maintenance.

We also offer extended a warranty agreement including All-risk.

Wintec performs service on all kinds of slugs-pumping, cleaning and hydraulic systems, both own and other brands.

At Wintec you get qualified advice and spare parts at reasonable prices. Even if your plant is of older date, it is not always necessary to build a new plant. We provide knowledgeable advice on upgrading mechanics and power/hydraulics.

Continuous maintenance always pays off in the end.

Contact us for a non-binding offer on a service agreement on your tel. 9718 1977 or

"As project manager at Silkeborg Municipality lock gate project at The Old Paper Mill, I have been responsible for the project management progress from A-Z. Wintec was responsible for production, installation and implementation, and throughout the process, I experienced WINTEC being without comparison in terms of design and cooperation. Oliver acts with great initiative and delivers at the agreed price and time. He imposes very great demands on himself and on the quality of what Wintec is doing. As my business partner, I recognized it eased my work very much. "

Carsten Fjordbak

"We are very satisfied with the work of Wintec. Oliver is a guy who’s able to work on almost anything and can always find a solution. When WINTEC has been with us, things were fully satisfactory, order and price wise – WINTEC is definitely competitive. Last but not least, WINTEC always complies with agreements. A cooperation with WINTEC can only be highly recommended. "

Rasmus Ploug Man

"Oliver and I have known each other for many years. It has the advantage that Oliver knows how I think – and the short time schedules we operate with here at Vestas. Often, WINTEC has only about 24 hours to give competitively fixed price on tasks – and with his experience Oliver can always deliver. And at WINTEC a stated price, is a fixed price. This is another reason why we work with WINTEC. I can only recommend a collaboration with WINTEC. "

Hans Lorensen