Pumping Systems

Pumps, pump solutions and pump controls

WINTEC offers various types of propeller pumps, submersible pumps, auger pumps and mobile tractor pumps, all of the highest quality.

We are responsible for assembly and service of pumps and complete pump solutions, as well as supply pump controls with frequency converter and pressure transmitter for automatic regulation.

Below you can read more about …

  • Veneroni propeller pumps
  • Veneroni mobile tractor pumps
  • Neptune submersible pumps

Furthermore, we have sales of auger pumps from Landindustrie in the Netherlands, contact us for further information about this type of pump.

Propeller Pumps

Veneroni PumpWintec sells high quality pumps from italian VENERONI. We service and repair pumps from Veneroni. Furthermore, we have Denmark’s only stock of parts for Veneroni pumps.

We build pump controls, wells and housings for the installation of Veneroni pumps.

Veneroni is a manufacturer of custom-made propeller pumps. Veneroni’s propeller pumps are designed to move large amounts of water at relatively low lifting heights. We use Veneroni’s pumps as they are the most flow optimized on the market due to their adjustable propeller blades and multi-stage solutions.

The capacity range is from 15-20 l/s to 2500 l/s.

Please contact us for advice about your needs and price inquiry.

More information:

Veneroni Pumps

Veneroni brochure

Tractor Pumps

Mobile Pumping Station, 200-800 L/sec
Can be mounted on tractor, truck, semitrailer etc.

Used for:
  • Over pumping
  • Floodings
  • Emergency pumping etc.

More information:
Veneroni brochure – Mobile pumps

Test of mobile tractor pump in harbor basin:


See here how an efficient pump can save houses and other values from flooding:

Submersible pumps - neptun

WINTEC NEPTUN submersible pumps with high flow and low pressure. The Neptune pumps are specially designed for large flow at low lifting heights, which you just need for overpumping at dikes, locks, etc., where it is important that the pumps do not use too much power in relation to performance. Traditional submersible pumps are designed for a lifting height of 15-35m and therefore typically use 40-60% more energy, making them difficult to operate with an emergency generator.

Lifting height from 1-4 m
Low kW consumption

Neptun dykpumper