Climate protection / climate change adaption

Lock / Sluice systems

Sluse for klimasikring - Wintec

Climate protection / climate change adaption

Wintec’s new prefabricated AQUABLOKK™ lock/sluice and pumping systems have already changed current standards. The prefabricated systems have a broad range of special advantages compared to other systems. All systems which have been developed on the basis of many years of experience with lock/sluice operation are patented. The AQUABLOKK™ system is already being demanded by municipalities and consultants both in Denmark and abroad.

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Wintec Double Port

Easy installation – fast commissioning

Since the new sluse and pump system is prefabricated, it is easy to immerse and thus quickly and uncomplicated to install. It decreases construction time considerably and simplifies the whole process, involving no more stakeholders than necessary. The lock/sluice system with pumping station is immersed as standard unit for burial or intercast with existing duct/construction.

Adjustable flexibility – Easy maintenance

The system is designed in order to let the lock-off part be lifted up in connection with service or repairs. If water planes are changed, the module can also be used to reverse the lock system. This allows swapping down and reflow. The lock is manufactured fully to the customer’s wishes, goals and requirements; the solution becomes optimal in every way and tailored to each project.

Cost-effective – cheaper and better

The AQUABLOKK™ sluice and pumping system, offers an easily immersed and quick ready-to-operate solution. Not only is construction time shortened, but also project costs are kept low. In addition, upon request WINTEC offers a complete service and operation warranty for the first 2 years after installation.

Types and Uses

WINTECs patented lock/sluice and pump systems are available in 4 models:

  • Horizontal/Vertical
  • Double port
  • Kip Port
  • Rotor sluice

Wintec Horizontal Port

Each lock/sluice model is highly efficient and adaptable to every type of project. Optimal solutions = optimal project outcome.

Obvious benefits

All constructions are prefabricated which offers a wide range of advantages:

  • Fixed module prices = fixed price
  • Less risk of budget overruns as no more parties are involved than necessary
  • Easier project management due to clean- cut interfaces between contractor, advisor and builder
  • Efficient planning and construction site management
  • Service and maintenance for 2 years-or as agreed
  • Spare parts can be delivered within 2 days (DK only) to ensure maximum operation


WINTEC was nominated for the novelty of the year in 2016

– that very same year as we received our patents.

"As project manager at Silkeborg Municipality lock gate project at The Old Paper Mill, I have been responsible for the project management progress from A-Z. Wintec was responsible for production, installation and implementation, and throughout the process, I experienced WINTEC being without comparison in terms of design and cooperation. Oliver acts with great initiative and delivers at the agreed price and time. He imposes very great demands on himself and on the quality of what Wintec is doing. As my business partner, I recognized it eased my work very much. "

Carsten Fjordbak

"We are very satisfied with the work of Wintec. Oliver is a guy who’s able to work on almost anything and can always find a solution. When WINTEC has been with us, things were fully satisfactory, order and price wise – WINTEC is definitely competitive. Last but not least, WINTEC always complies with agreements. A cooperation with WINTEC can only be highly recommended. "

Rasmus Ploug Man

"Oliver and I have known each other for many years. It has the advantage that Oliver knows how I think – and the short time schedules we operate with here at Vestas. Often, WINTEC has only about 24 hours to give competitively fixed price on tasks – and with his experience Oliver can always deliver. And at WINTEC a stated price, is a fixed price. This is another reason why we work with WINTEC. I can only recommend a collaboration with WINTEC. "

Hans Lorensen