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Wintec takes the climate seriously

This is why we want to pass on information about challenges and solutions in climate change adaptation. Below please find an overview of interesting pages about research, projects and more. The links are mostly in Danish.


A portal from the Environmental Protection Agency aiming to citizens, municipalities and business. Find information on the latest research and development in the field of climate adaptation in and outside Denmark. The portal also contains a number of concrete examples of adaptation and technological solutions.


Coastal Directorate




The Coastal Directorate of the Environment and Food agency has prepared reports of flood risk and high risk areas in Denmark. You will find plenty of documentation and updated maps of risk areas on the site.





Bolius gives advice on how to ensure, explains who is responsible for what and has a clear checklist for what you do before, during and after a flood.


Realdania supports projects and research, including the rise of seawater. The website provides interesting information about the projects Realdania is involved in and what types of pilot projects they support.


C2C Coast2Coast Climate Challenge




The Coast2Coast Climate Challenge Project is headed by the Region of Midtjylland. In close cooperation with 30 partners, you are working to create a climate-resilient region in a course that extends over 6 years.

The objectives include:

  • To formulate a common long-term strategy among local actors,
  • Implement the municipal climate adaptation plans in a targeted manner, coordinating the necessary analyses and activities and
  • To identify and improve resources and capabilities among citizens, municipalities, utilities and companies in the water industry.

The project is implemented through 24 sub-projects and cross-cutting activities. 



Vand I Byer – Urban Water is a network of knowledge institutions, public authorities, utilities and private companies, with over 200 members.

The goal for water in cities is:

  • Contribute to green transition
  • Create new green jobs in Denmark
  • Increase the export potential of green technologies in climate adaptation


Award-winning English side on the latest in climate research. Here you will find knowledge of research results, latest political measures and fact checks. All seasoned with lots of informative and interactive graphics.