WINTEC has developed innovative steel solutions since 1989, – in recent years, focusing on high water security solutions.
In 2015, the patent-pending product AquaBlokk was™ invented by Oliver Bach, founder of WINTEC.
As soon as the product was launched on the Danish market in 2016, it was nominated as the "Novelty of the Year" by the Association "Watermark" in Denmark.

AquaBlokk™ has been launched in Sweden, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Switzerland, Luxembourg and France.

Global focus on climate and the adaptation of the international Climate programme INTERREG Rhine-Meuse Activities (IRMA) inspired WINTEC to focus on high-water security in the Central European countries.

With the patent notification and a solid frame of reference, AquaBlokk™ has become known as one of the most creatively designed products in the field of climate protection in Europe.


Aquablokk™ locks are designed and manufactured to meet the levels, capabilities and requirements specified in the project itself. The hydraulic design is carried out by a qualified engineering firm. Most used sizes range from 6m, 10m, 15m to 20m in width. Special sizes can be provided on request.

Locks can be operated with hydraulics, pneumatic or mechanical gearmotors and are controlled automatically via independent steering or connection to the SRO/Internet etc.

All systems are supplied as submersible/dry assemblies or as a combination.

The standard systems are usually operated by 400V, 3 kW up to 15 kW, but can be adapted to any individual needs.

Aquablokk™ pumping systems come with capacities from
200 – 18,000 L/sec. Depending on the type of pump.

KW consumption depends on performance and lifting height (5.5 kW – 1 MW).


AquaBlokk™ be moulded in high quality concrete.

Pumps are made of cast iron or steel/galvanized or surface-treated with epoxy to the desired correction class.

Alternatively, the pumps can be supplied in different stainless steel grades. The pumping stations are supplied with long axle propeller pumps, submersible pumps or auger pumps.


For climate security installations, an emergency procedure shall be
(All risk) for repair and servicing, where all technical installations can be repaired within 12-24 hours (= Warning time). Therefore, there is a technician with access to components, so any type of repair can be started within 3 hours. Furthermore, agreement with the diving and crane company is necessary as part of the contingency plan.


The "Blokk in Blokk" function allows you to easily lift the lock elements up for service, replacement.
– No digging work!

With the "Blokk in Blokk" function, lock modules are inserted into a prefabricated base module, which can be lowered or concrete cast into an existing channel or basin.


Aquablokk™ offers all the benefits that are usually achieved by pre-fabrication.

During the construction process, construction time on the construction site is radically reduced. This reduces the cost of any By-/overpumping or bypass of the water.

The contractor prepares the building pit so that it is ready for the immersion of the Aquablokken™.


Aquablokk™ uses the latest proven sluse and pump technology.

The Prefabricated Aquablokk™ elements set new standards for element construction and reduce construction time and costs significantly.

The Aquablokk™ principle provides flexibility as LEGO bricks, as the individual elements can be combined as desired.


Climate change has made level control and high water security more important than ever. Whether it's waterways, streams, rivers, lakes, sea or high-water protection, regulation can create the capacity to absorb large amounts of water from rain and melting snow.

  • AquaBlokk™ can be customized for each project.
  • With AquaBlokk™ It is possible to make the optimum solution. This provides maximum flexibility and security.


  • AquaBlokk™ elements are prefabricated, which can be adapted to any project in terms of design, function and objectives.
  • Aquablokk™ may in some cases be adapted to existing structures.
  • AquaBlokk™ can be used for securing waterways and as a ship/boat elevator.


  • AquaBlokk™ prefabricated pumping systems can be used as standalone units or as integral part of Sluse station.
  • AquaBlokk™ prefabricated pumping systems are built in one or more modules, depending on the desired capacity.
  • A block fitted with up to 3 propeller pumps typically has a capacity of
    200-2600 L/sec Per. Pump.
  • Maximum capacity 7800 L/sec Per. Block (with propeller pumps).
  • AquaBlokk™ prefabricated pumping systems can also be supplied with auger pumps offering an alternate capacity of 200 – 18,000 L/sec. With one pump, 36,000 l/sec. with two pumps, etc.
  • This unit is supplied in several elements, depending on the geodesic lifting height.